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Graphic Design

Over the years, I've worked on a wide variety of graphic design projects for clients, from book covers to camera-ready advertising copy to business cards. I've also designed logos for general advertising use. Most of this work is now done on the computer, with hand-drawn components as needed. I can also modify or improve photos using my extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Some examples of recent graphic projects are shown below.

Web Sites

I also design and maintain web sites for a number of business and organization clients. Some examples, with links to the actual sites, are shown farther down on the page.

For further information or to discuss a possible project, email me at karl@keleitzel.com or karlericleitzel@gmail.com
or call at 814-422-8461.

Of the Wing book cover by Karl Eric Leitzel

This book cover project for author Georgia Anne Butler consisted of both original acrylic artwork and digital manipulation of one of the artost's photos, as well as the design and file preparation of the front, back, and spine panels for sending to the printer. The web site can be seen at http://ofthewing.com.


The front of a postcard I designed for a joint art show with potter Scot Paterson. I also took the photographs.

By supplying camera-ready art, costs for printing are kept very low and design decisions are kept close to home.


Another postcard front, designed for Klotz and Associates.


This inside book illustration for "Of the Wing, The Legend Begins", by Georgia Anne Butler, was done
by hand as a pen and ink line drawing, with color added on the computer after scanning in.


A newspaper ad for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County. They supplied the text,
but wanted to improve the graphic design as well as fit all this text into a limited amount of space. These
are now being done most months using the new template.


Web Sites

These web page images are all currently active sites that I've designed and maintain. You can click on the image to open a larger version, or click on the link in the description to go the the actual site to view addition pages and see how the navigation works.

Yearly hosting and domain registration costs are under $100 to keep your own web site in place. My initial charge to design and set up the site and account can vary from $150 for a basic one-page site, including a couple of photos if desired, to $300-700 for something more extensive. After that, my charge for maintaining the account and occasionally updating simple things like contact information or show dates can be as little as a flat $100/year, in addition to the $80-100/year for hosting/domain. Other work is charged at a rate of $30/hour as needed.

For many small businesses or independent artisans, a single page web with a description of what you do and a couple of photos, along with contact information and perhaps a schedule of places you'll be, is all you need. If you also have a Facebook or MySpace page, blog, Youtube videos, etc., those are easy to cross-link with the web page. It's good to get an initial page up as soon as you can, as it takes a little while for the search engines like Google to find a site. Once they do, anyone searching using a few of the key words we would include in the page code will be able to easily find your site. For many people, this is the new yellow pages. Contact me and we can discuss the best kind of web presence for you.

Web design by Karl Eric Leitzel

Robert W. Behrer LLC Landscaping. This site development
included optimizing and posting many existing photos, both
digital and scanned hard copy.


The home page for the Centre County Farmland Trust,
which includes a scrolling tickertape for updates.

Stonecroft Highlands, a farm near Huntigdon, PA. A good
example of a small, relatively inexpensive site.

A simple special interest subsite off my own business
web site.

One page off the extensive web site for a local author's
book trilogy, Of the Wing.